Friday, February 17, 2012


"this book is a visual journal. it's! omgee!! <3 it! ^.^" my review on my goodreads account! ^.^

'd this unique book that was classified as "beautiful and strange and haunting."  by junot diaz, pulitzer prize winning author of the brief wondorous life of oscar wao.

i said it was creepy because this question is brought up constantly..."are you thinking of me?" over-obsessed! it's a crazy/sexy/creepy romance that is completely intense!

hold on to this book or app while you're experiencing may not have might not want to put it down! ^.^

this is the book trailer!

this is the app preview trailer and it seems that getting the app is better than buying the book, you can experience the story better thru the app! i read the book! i think i missed out! ha ha! ^.^

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